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“Lydia Eloise Hall”

Nursing Theory:
Care Core Cure Model


AUGUST 30, 2012


-Lydia Eloise Hall, nursing theorist of the Care, Cure, Core model of nursing was born in New York City on September 21, 1906 and grew up in Pennsylvania. Lydia Hall graduated at York Hospital School of Nursing on1927, Bachelors in Public Health Nursing in 1973, Bachelors in Public Health Nursing on 1932, and earns a Master of Arts degree in 1942 at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Hall’s Theory developed in late 1960’s. She was an innovator, motivator, and mentor to nurses in all phases of their careers, and advocate for the chronically ill patient. She promoted involvement of the community in health-care issues. She derived from her knowledge of psychiatry and nursing experiences in the Loeb Center the framework she used in formulating her theory of nursing. These experiences might have given her insight in on the distinct roles of nurses in providing care for the patients and how the nurses can be of utmost importance in caring for these patients.


-Hall’s greatest achievements were her design and development of the Loeb Center for nursing at Montefiore hospital in New York. Established to apply her theory to nursing practice, the center opened in January 1963. It demonstrated extreme success and provided empirical evidence to support the major concepts in Hall’s theory. Hall serves as the administrative director of Loeb center for nursing from it’s opening until her death on February 1969. She also received the Teachers College Nursing Education Alumni Association Achievement in Nursing Practice Award in 1967.

Conceptual Model of the Theory:

Care Model
The care model dominates when Nurses provide hands on care to congestive the care model dominates when Nurses provide hands on care to congestive heart failure patients. Hands on care for patients produces an environment of comfort...
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