Nursing, Teaching Plan

Topics: Hypertension, Regulatory Focus Theory, Blood pressure Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Metropolitan Campus
Department of science and technology
School of nursing Carmen Torres of Tiburcio
Student name__ Joey Park _____________________________ Professor Vasquez Family Learning diagnosis________Hypertesion: Knowledge deficit____ __________________________ Date____10/22/12_____________ * Learning Objective| Topics/ContentOutline| Strategies| | ResourceMaterials and Equipment| Evaluation Methods| * | | | | | |

After nursing I. Definition of elevated blood DiscussionHypertension informational After nursing intervention the Intervention, the family pressure.(question and answer)pamphlets. Family were: Will be able to :

II. Causes of elevated blood pressureLectureLaptop 1. Recall the definition of blood 1. Recall thePressure
Definition of elevated III. Risk factors of elevated bloodDiscussion2. Identify causes of having Blood pressure pressureelevated blood pressure a. Family historyLecture3. Be familiar with signs and 2. Identify the causesb. Age (question and answer)symptoms of elevated blood Of having elevated c. High salt intakepressure Blood pressured. Obesity

e. Excessive alcohol 4. Know ways how to manage 3. Be familiar with intake.The elevation of blood pressure Signs and symptoms
Of elevated blood pressure IV. Management of elevated
Blood pressure
4. Know ways how to manage a. diet
The elevation of blood b. exercise
V. Importance of follow up
Check up.


term goal
After 6 hours ofnursinginterventions, theclient will have noelevation in bloodpressure abovenormal limits andwill maintain bloodpressure withinacceptable...
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