Nursing Story

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Assignment Four

Dated: 16th, May, 2013

Assignment 1: Nursing Story and Reflection
Date: 16th, May
This is the story of my previous experience in nursing back in 2001, which I would like to share with you.
I used to work in the out- door patient of the chemotherapy department as a Registered Nurse in Pakistan.
The hospital name is “Fatima Memorial Hospital”. The department was short of nurses and I was alone on
the floor. There was a problem in maintaining the routine work according to the policies and procedures
and rushing to catch up and pending work.
During my practice, I came across a patient by the name of Mr. John Smith. He was a 60 year and
diagnosed with colon cancer. He was constantly complaining of severe pain for half an hour. The doctor
ordered a 50mg Tramadol injection 4-6 I/M PRN. I checked with MAR the dose and route of the drug.
Then I administered Tramadol 75 mg I/M on the ventrogluteal site.
However, I finished my routine work and attended all phone calls, emergency bells, answered the
family’s questions and inquiries. After four hours, I was writing the progress notes about Mr. John Smith.
I realized that we have two Johns in the unit with similar names but different date of births and doses
were also different. I was shocked because I gave him75 mg Tramadol instead of 50 mg dose. Both
patients have same medications but different doses. I did not pay attention before administering the
medication. Therefore, as soon as I noticed, I went back to Mr. John Smith’s room to check his vital signs
and any side effects that may have occurred from the drug dosage. But there were no adverse side effects
and his vital signs were normal. After this had happened, I did not make any incident report at that time
and did not inform the management. I was scared of medication errors which were...
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