Nursing Self Report

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Nursing Self Report Scale
Example of Completed Nursing Self Report Scale for Health Care Communication H ________________________________________
OverviewThe Nursing Expertise Self Report Scale was developed from Patricia Benner’s model of clinical competence described in Benner and Benner (1984). Benner described three changes in performance as the nurse progresses from novice to expert practice. One change is from the reliance on rules and principles to the reliance on past experience to guide performance. The second change is a transition from viewing the clinical situation as a collection of equally important features to viewing the clinical situation as a whole, in which only a few features are important. The third change is the passage from detached observer to involved performer. Unique to the expert level of performance is the element of intuition. This scale is designed to measure self-perception of these three transitions and intuitive decision making. Nursing Self Report Scale methodology is widely used in psychological and human subject research. Self-report methodology has the advantage of being versatile and direct in measuring feelings, values, opinions, and perceptions. However, the most limiting disadvantage is the concern for validity and accuracy of self-report. Therefore, the self-reported level of competence derived from the use of this scale may not correspond to the observed level of practice for an individual nurse. This scale is not intended as a substitute for observation and testing of competence in the clinical setting. Potential uses for this Nursing Self Report Scale include:Designing educational offerings,Discussion and planning for transitions in care assignments, and Individual professional development planning. Validity and ReliabilityReliability testing was done using a test–retest method. Content validity was reviewed by nurses in the practice of nursing staff...
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