Nursing Self Expertise

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Nursing expertise report| May 31
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MInoude Jean-louis
Casey Waters

Nursing is an autonomous positions as an Registered nurse you can make decision the right decision regarding patient care.It is a position where you are trusted by the team collaborate”.By Dr Patricia Benner introduced the concept that expert nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care over time through a sound of educational base as well as multitude of experiences”.She describe the 5 levels of nursing experiences as. 1 Novice

2 Advance beginner
3 Competent
4 Proficient
5 Expert

A novice nurse start from no experience ,this when you have the enthusiasm to learn from your nursing profession ,I meant every details.As a novice nurse you worked without break and afraid to make decisions.

As an advance beginner you are start trusted yourself by making decisions regarding past experiences .In that position you are collecting data or evidences from previous scenario. A competent nurse starting having experiences after 2 or 3 years of experiences this when you are making the decisions when your patient condition deteriorated.As an Registered nurse you will make your own judgement,because nurses have the autonomy . A proficient nurse understand the situations as a whole part,decision making. An expert nurse no longer relies on principles,she or he as an expert more flexible and reliable,and highly proficient. As an Rn we need good nursing judgement for certain decisions care.We have to monitor patient to learn when things get worse what we have to do.Utilized quantitative and qualitative data,use facts as labs values and vitals sign and EKG.We all that we...
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