Nursing School

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Student Success in Nursing School
There are various nursing education programs that are being offered at universities, colleges, and private schools. These programs are designed to prepare and educate nursing students to become well-trained Registered Nurses (RN) to work in hospitals and health care facilities. An RN may also work as a traveling nurse or even as a private nurse providing care in the comfort of their patients’ own homes. But before one can become an RN, he or she would have to go through the rigorous programs set forth by the institutions providing the nursing education and training. Comparable to any other training, a nursing student’s success relies upon the student’s studying habits and his or her ability to adapt and overcome to any situations presented on hand. According to an article by American Nurse Today (2010) “Nursing school can cause a tremendous amount of stress, which may lead some students to drop out. Dropout rates for community colleges can range from 18% to 20%” (para. 1).

There are many resources available to students which may help them succeed and graduate from nursing school. Most of these resources are readily available via the internet. An example would be tips and advices from current nursing students or even RNs who have already graduated and have work experience. On the other hand, procrastination is undeniably one of the reasons why some students fall short and get dropped from nursing programs. Another key to success in nursing school is don't get behind. Stay up with your reading assignments, papers, and projects. Plan ahead by mapping out the semester for each course, noting when each assignment is due. Don't procrastinate. Waiting until the last minute often proves disastrous in nursing school. This takes discipline, but everyday, do whatever it takes to "stay on top" (VickyRN, 2009, para. 3). Being one step ahead is always an advantage when it comes to nursing school or life, in general.

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