Nursing Review

Topics: Education, Lesson plan, Psychology Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 16, 2013
My overall clinical experience was an amazing opportunity! I learned so many helpful things over the past few months at my placement that I will be sure to take with me throughout my future nursing career. During my experience, I was able to see a writer's workshop first hand, as well as many other subject lessons. I always thought it would be hard to implement writing into many subject areas, but my teacher showed me that it was possible. The class that I was with was a little troublesome, but they got the job done when it came down to it. My teacher displayed wonderful classroom management, which is another thing that I worry about as a perspective teacher. She was able to keep the students engaged in the lessons and keep them on task. A few of the students had minor behavior problems, but it was nothing that she could not handle. My teacher was an organized mess, which is almost identical to me! It was a great experience to be placed with a teacher that was so much like me when it came to organization. My first day at Nathaniel Alexander was not a pleasant experience. My teacher was rushed to get everything finished because they were behind, and she was having trouble out of one of her students. The student was supposed to be on medication, but she had not taken it that day. My teacher explained to me that when that student got out of hand, it caused the entire class to be disruptive. I must say, that day made me rethink wanting to be a teacher. I went with the class to art and they were terrible! The art teacher would tell them to sit down and pay attention and they would just stare at her and continue talking! I tried to help her get them to cooperate, but it was pointless. I really enjoyed the rest of my time at Nathaniel Alexander. The first week I was there was when I did all of my observations and small group lessons. They went really well and the students seemed really interested in what I was teaching them! The classrooms were so technologically...
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