Nursing Research

Topics: Nursing, Research, Scientific method Pages: 9 (1187 words) Published: March 25, 2013
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Subject: Nursing Research 1
Teacher: Jose Odilon R. Inoncillo, MD

Multiple Choices:Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Shade the corresponding letter of your answer in the answer sheet.

1.It refers to the studies on the particular concerns of nurses. a.Nursing Research
b.Research in Nursing
c.Clinical Nursing Research
d.None of the above

2.Clinical research is pursued for the following reasons except: a.Nursing problems and issues are integral to the work situation b.No one has greater access to the client than the nurse
c.Practical way to help improve health care
d.Staffing is not an obstacle

3.It is research undertaken to produce knowledge that will affect the conduct of nursing practice. a.Nursing Research
b.Research in Nursing
c.Clinical Nursing Research
d.None of the above

4.The following are characteristics of research except:
a.Systematic and orderly

5.The following are the principal roles of a nurse researcher except: a.Evaluator

6.Scientific research focuses on the generation of empirical data gathered through. a.Five senses
b.Objective data
c.Subjective data
d.Combined data

7. Research carried out by nurses in the clinical setting and designed to provide information that will help improve client care. a.Clinical research
b.Epidemiological research
c.Pathological research
d.Patient research

8.If research is classified according to approach, it should consist of the following except: a.Experimental

9.Experimental research means that all sources of data must come from: a.Objective reality
b.Subjective reality
c.Theoretical framework
d.Conceptual framework

10.Rational problem solving and the nursing process are similar in a sense they start with: a.Making a decision
b.Gathering of information
c.Identifying a particular concern or problem
d.Implementing a decision

11.Evidence-based practice involves all of the following except: a.Clinical expertise
b.Nursing research
c.Organizational culture
d.Patient preferences

12.Barriers to Evidence-based practice include the following except: a.Lack of commitment to EBP
b.Lack of computer skills
c.Lack of time
d.Research in practice not valued

13. Nurses who use Evidence-based practice are best described as: a.Change agents
b.Early adopters

14.Evidence-based practice is a problem solving approach that considers the context of the nurse’s current clinical experience. a.True
d.None of the above

15.One of the primary foundations for evidence-based nursing practice is: a.Medical knowledge
b.Research results
c.Everyday health care
d.Textbook information

16.It is the process of synthesizing, disseminating and using research-generated knowledge to make an impact to nursing practice: a.Research utilization
b.Research dissemination
c.Research in nursing
d.All of the above

17.Obstacles to using research in practice include lack of
a.Education, beliefs/attitudes, and support/resources
b.Faculty, knowledge and cost
c.Time, beliefs/attitudes and consumers
d.Outcomes, values and motivations

18.According to the Iowa model, there are three triggers that initiate the need for change and one of them is: a.Knowledge-focused trigger
b.Evidence-based trigger
c.Administration initiated trigger
d.Research information trigger

19.Evidence comes in any forms. Examples of the data that could best be utilized for evidence-based practice are: a.Quality improvement data and integrated...
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