Nursing Reflection

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Healthy people 2020 indicator
A Healthy People 2020 health indicator for this community is access to health care and a nursing role that can positively affect this indicator is education on the importance of having regular check-ups. The nurse can also inform the uninsured and low income families of the facilities that have free medical care and screenings. This indicator is very important to the family in my community because of the number of people who do not have jobs and who are not able to afford to have medical insurance for themselves and children. Partnership & cultural diversity

The community health partnership that can assist with diagnosis and Healthy People 2020 indicator is the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. This agency offers a lot of free services to individuals in the community. At this location there are various resources available to help people get back to being independent and self-sufficient. There are a lot of Hispanic and Latinos in the community that my chosen family resides in. Some of the challenges for these individuals are: “lack of legal residence documentation; the fear of being deported; not qualifying for health care and other services due to residency requirements, language barriers, low income which limits access to health care; and lack of health awareness”(Dillion, 2011, p.18.) In order for the community health nurse to be cultural competent, awareness and respect has to be followed in all cultures. Cultural diversity can create many challenges in community health. Some of those issues are as following: different beliefs, different health practices, and cultural biases. The community nurse must be educated about the various cultures and set aside all biases. References

Healthy People 2020. (n.d.). Nutrition and weight status. Retrieved on June 18, 2012 Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2012). Public health nursing:...
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