Nursing Professionalism

Topics: Nursing, Nursing theory, Nurse Pages: 8 (3161 words) Published: September 17, 2012
This paper reports on my individual views of what professionalism in nursing means to me and how professionalism is important to nursing as a profession. Professionalism in nursing provides a framework for the development and advances in the profession of nursing. Factors that influenced me to become a nurse are explained in detail with orientation to higher education and pursuing a profession. Reasons are given why I have returned to school to achieve my goal of obtaining a BSN while showing how support groups facilitate the road in accomplishing this goal. Views and perspectives are given on how nursing is a profession rather than just a job. Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory is explained and defined. Orem’s theory articulates the concepts of self-care, self-care deficit, and nursing systems. The theory investigates what nurses do. Two articles related to nursing as a profession are described in detail to include the significance of the articles to the nursing profession along with personal reactions to the articles. The articles cover nurse practice prior to nursing education being offered in higher learning institutions. The articles show a clear contrast of how nursing has evolved in the present such as pertaining to gender.

Nursing professionalism means having developed an internal professional identity that reflects the values, norms, attitudes and behaviors of nursing; for example one may have the identity of a parent, friend, consumer or a nurse. Nursing professionalism is a way of life, meaning that if you are not on the job, it does not mean you stop being a nurse. You follow a code of ethics both as indicated by the profession of nursing such as the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p. 59) and you follow your own ethical values as a human being that should incorporate the professional code of ethics with standard acceptable values and behaviors. Nursing professionalism equates to actually caring of the actions you take and the actions you do not take. Professionalism means seeking to deliver care beyond what is expected. To have the ability to care for anyone without boundaries such as prejudices. To advocate for patients as a mother would advocate for her child. To be accountable for the actions you take and those that you do not take. To have the abilities to learn from mistakes, learn from those mistakes and improve on methods on how these mistakes can be avoided and teach this to others. Nursing professionalism is a love for learning, teaching and the growth of improvement within the profession. Professionalism is correcting an adverse situation on a professional level in order to protect both the patient and the nursing profession. Professionalism is being an active contributor. Professionalism is vital to the nursing profession in order to maintain the integrity of the profession and the growth and development of it. Professionalism is a powerful force with all of its members which will maintain and improve on existing standards of the nursing profession. It allows for a broader level of education to more efficiently interact with the inter-disciplinary team. Professionalism builds the reputation of the nursing profession to be more easily accepted and trusted by the public client. A patient may see an emergency code in progress and witness the professionalism of a team working a code in order to alleviate the emergency quickly. Another patient may be distraught on learning of her illness and yet connects with the human caring and sensitivity that the nurse offers. Nurses can improve the profession of nursing by supporting each other. It has come to my attention that nursing at many times has becomes a solo effort, where nurses are not supporting each other. It has been predicted that there will be a huge nursing shortage in the next few years mainly due to a lack of nursing educators. Nurses can develop their educational...
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