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A seminar on Nursing Profession – Characteristics, Perspectives – National & G Submitted To:
Mr. Babu D
HOD Medical Surgical Dept
The Oxford College of Nursing

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Subject: Advanced Nursing Practice
Name of the Student: Jasmine Ann Thomas
Evaluator : Mr. Babu D
Unit: I
Topic: Nursing Profession-Characteristics, Criteria, Perspectives- National & World Date:
SL.NO| Content| Page No|
1| Introduction| |
2| Terminology * Nurse * Professional Nurse * Occupation * Profession * Accountability * Altruism * Autonomy| | 3| Definitions * Nursing * Profession * Occupation| | 4| Differences in Profession & Occupation| |

5| Concepts of a Profession| |
6| Characteristics of a Profession * Flexner’s Criteria * Kelly’s Criteria| | 7| Nursing as a Profession| |
8| Role & Functions of a Professional Nurse * Caregiver * Communicator * Teacher * Counselor * Decision Maker * Leader/Manager * Comforter * Rehabilitator * Protector & Advocator| | 9| Perspective of Nursing Profession a) Perspective of Nursing Profession in India * Issues related to Nursing services in India * Impact of Migration * Reversing the Problems * Safeguards by TNAI b) Perspective of Nursing profession- Global| | 10| Summary| |

11| Conclusion| |
12| Bibliography| |

What is a profession, & who can be called a professional? These terms are used loosely in everyday conversation. Historically, only medicine, law, & the ministry were accepted as professions. Today, however, professional is a term commonly used to identify many types of people ranging from wrestles & rock stars to college professors & archaeologists. Are all these individuals professionals? The answer to that question depends on how profession is defined. In sports, a professional is distinguished from an amateur by being paid. Amateur golfers, for example, cannot accept money; professional golfers compete for it. So in sports, making money is one characteristic of being a professional. Professionals are generally better at what they do than are others. Therefore, in most fields, expertise is also a part of being a professional. Being paid & having expertise, however, are not the only criteria for being professional. General agreement exists about what constitutes a profession, but not all people agree about which occupations are professional. How contemporary nursing stacks up as a profession can be discussed. TERMINOLOGIES

NURSE- A person formally educated in the care of the sick or infirm PROFESSIONAL NURSE- Professional Nurse is a graduate of a recognized nursing school who has met the requirements for a registered nurse in a state in which she is licensed to practice. OCCUPATION- What occupies or engages ones time; employment.

PROFESSION- A vacation requiring advanced training & usually involving mental rather than manual work. ACCOUNTABILITY- Responsibility
ALTRUIM- Devotion to humanity
AUTONOMY- Self governing.
NURSING- “Nursing is the unique function of the nurse, that is to assist the individual (sick or well) in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge”.[International Council of Nurse]. PROFESSION- “professions are those occupations based on specialized intellectual study & training the purpose of which is supply skilled service with ethical components to others, for a definite fee or salary.”[ R. Louise McManur] OCCUPATION- Occupations are principle areas of work classified according to various features such as preparation, skills & knowledge required; the nature of work itself, supervision, motivation. DIFFERENCES IN PROFESION & OCCUPATION

1. Training may occur in the job....
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