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Accountability of Nursing Professional
Marina Reade
April 07, 2011

Accountability of Nursing Professional
Every health care member is accountable to their Profession ,Public ,Self,Clients,and health care agency.Accountability means they are able to explain the reasons behind their actions. Accountability facilitates self assessment and assume ownership of job role. Porter-O’Grady & Malloch(2007) replaced respnsibility with accountability. The word ‘ Responsible ‘ means,it ,make the workers feel like they need to complete a job within certain time.Accountability make the workers programe their job and take ownership of it. They can eventually feel proud about their performance.American nurses association stated that the nurse will be accountable for their actions and their judgment.(ANA2001P1).Accountability is a legal obligation.It applies to every one involved in the health care.According to the health portability and accountability act, the nurse should not ignore the patients wishes.Nursing shortage will impact the future of health care.This make the health care institution uses the non-licensed individuals to be patient care givers.This inturn will place more ethical and legal responsibility on RNs .RN position will be as a leader or supervisor in the health care industry. Nurses are accountable to the clients.

Nurses allow clients to participate in nursing care activities and planning.Nurses serve as a client advocate, when the need arises.Nursing task will be performed with competence., Provide quality of work.Protect the patient from unsafe situation.Nurse work collaborately with clients to adopt health related goals. Professionals are accountable to provide the clients the information about their medical condition. As a knowledgeable professional the nurse share the accountability with the other health care members. There are positive aspects towards accountability.Nursing professional is...
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