Nursing Practice Standards

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Documentation, Revised 2008

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Introduction Why Document? The Inter-relationships that support clients through documentation Standard Statements and Indicators Communication Accountability Security Appendix A: Supporting Documentation Practices Appendix B: Nursing Documentation Legislation References Appendix C: Electronic Documentation Resources Suggested Reading List 3 3 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 11

OuR mISSION is to protect the public’s right to quality nursing services by providing leadership to the nursing profession in self-regulation. OuR vISION is excellence in nursing practice everywhere in Ontario.

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Nursing standards are expectations that contribute to public protection. They inform nurses of their accountabilities and the public of what to expect of nurses. Standards apply to all nurses regardless of their roles, job description or areas of practice. — College of Nurses of Ontario

documentation, and Appendix C references general resources on electronic documentation.

Why Document?


Nursing documentation is an important component of nursing practice and the interprofessional documentation that occurs within the client1 health record. Documentation — whether paper, electronic, audio or visual — is used to monitor a client’s progress and communicate with other care providers. It also reflects the nursing care that is provided to a client. This practice standard explains the regulatory and legislative requirements for nursing documentation. To help nurses2 understand and apply the standards to their individual practice, the content is divided into three standard statements that describe broad practice principles. Each statement is followed by corresponding indicators that outline a nurse’s accountability when documenting and provide guidance on applying the standard statements to a particular practice environment. To further support nurses in applying the standards, the document also includes appendices containing important supplementary information and a list of suggested readings. Appendix A provides strategies for nursing professionals — including nurses, researchers, educators and nurse employers — to support quality documentation practices in their work settings. Appendix B includes a sampling of provincial and federal legislation governing nursing

Nursing documentation: reflects the client’s perspective, identifies the caregiver and promotes continuity of care by allowing other partners in care to access the information; communicates to all health care providers the plan of care,3 the...
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