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The University of British Columbia
School of Nursing
T201-2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5

To: Peter Marshall
Senate Curriculum Committee

Bill McKee
FGS Curriculum Committee

Paul Harrison
Senate Academic Policy Committee

cc. Chris Eaton
Senate Secretariat
From: Sally Thorne, Director
School of Nursing

Tel: 2-7748
fax: 2-7423

(Master of Nursing- Nurse Practitioner)

I hereby submit a proposal for a “new” master’s program in nursing, which represents the conversion of an approved “stream” within an existing master’s program into a distinct program with a separate degree designation. The required forms have been completed as attached. This cover memo is intended to request the endorsement by your respective committees to the proposal set out below and your transmittal of the corresponding recommendation to Senate for its approval. I would be pleased to meet with your committees, or otherwise respond to or modify the proposal if you feel that this is needed.

We understand that the FGS and Senate Curriculum Committees approve programs and the information about them that will be set out in the UBC calendar. We also understand that the Senate Academic Policy Committee makes recommendations on the program proposal with respect to its degree and parchment requirements. In that the existing courses and program have already been approved (within the Master of Science in Nursing program) and are in full operation, and the admission criteria will not be changed by this proposal, we have not at this time submitted the proposal to the Senate Admissions Committee. Please advise us if you believe that this would be necessary.

We would very much appreciate a timely consideration of this matter, since we wish to modify the degree that will be granted for the students who entered the program in September of 2006. Thank you for considering this.


I am requesting the transmittal of the following recommendation to Senate:

That Senate approves the degree name and associated calendar statement for the new degree program Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) as circulated. SUMMARY OF PROPOSED PROGRAM
The purpose of this proposal is to articulate and explain two changes for which the School of Nursing seeks Senate approval: 1) Transfer of one stream within an existing graduate program to a new program with professional designation, and 2) Creation of a new credential name for this professional master’s degree. Background

The University of British Columbia School of Nursing currently offers a Nurse Practitioner (NP) stream within its Master of Science in Nursing program. Several new courses associated with delivery of this particular curricular “stream” were approved by Senate in November 2003 and, combined with a specified set of existing courses including clinical learning opportunities, have been configured to correspond to what have become, as of August 2005, the provincial and national regulatory standards for a new form of nursing practice. This form of practice requires a hybrid between academic graduate level learning and advanced clinical training. In contrast to our basic Master’s (MSN) Program, which requires 33 credits, the professional requirements for this stream currently necessitate 56 credits of combined clinical training and coursework. The current NP option within UBC’s existing MSN program has received formal recognition by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, which holds regulatory authority for recognition of Schools and for eligibility to practice in this context.

The Special Case of Post-Master’s Learners
A number of the potential applicants for training in this new form of nursing practice already hold the MSN degree. At present, although they can take a limited number of “courses” as unclassified students, there is no second degree...
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