Nursing Practice

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With regards to the nursing practice, we should implement the right interventions to our client concerning the condition and needs of the client. Patients who have undergone surgery specially children are all risk to complications. Operation is sometimes necessary to promote health and alleviate the suffering of patients. it is a by critical process because surgery itself can lead to complications. The journal implies that the patient’s safety is in the hands of the health team. And wrong site of surgery, wrong procedure and wrong patient will lead to catastrophic events for patients and health care team. First and for most, we should always check the person before the surgery and same with the right procedure to be done, right site of surgery, right medicines, their route, dosage and time and also proper documentation is included- whoever the patient is. Precautions should also render to extreme of ages- to the elderly and to children. We should be able to have the passion of providing the appropriate necessity that our patient is having and will be having. We should also have the initiative and common sense in rendering care to our patient. The health care team— doctors, nurses, and other physicians' assistants like anesthesiologist have important roles in the surgery process. I believe the journal has a point in using the 07:35 huddles and surgical time outs because it lessens the probability of inflicting danger to the patient. Communication is very important especially to the doctor and to the nurse. The communication and orders of the operation should be clear and understandable and they should make sure that the proper order is implemented correctly. We should also be able to generate independent nursing interventions. For us student nurses, before doing something in the patient, we must know the procedure to be done and ask the staff nurses and instructor if in doubt. Also, it is important to check the surgical checklist if it is...
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