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Nursing Philosophy

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Nursing Philosophy
Every person may have their individual perspective about nursing. Profession nurses continue to develop their own philosophies with experiences they each have with their patients. It is very difficult to face the demands of caring for people from day to day without the solid foundation of a personal philosophy. As each nurse grows within their career their philosophy will continue to grow and shape as they learn new experiences. The nursing education each nurse receives helps them to establish their philosophy. My philosophy on my nursing career is to be a great patient advocate using my education; critical thinking and using clear communication to help each patient to receive the care they deserve. As a Registered Nurse it’s important for me to provide the highest quality care to each patient.

Health is the center of all nursing including social health, spiritual needs, intellectual, emotional as well as physical health of each patient. Health is the absence of disease but health is not only the absence of disease but includes the social and spiritual needs of the patient as well. Health care for nurses is not only the disease we are looking at but the entire person. A patient cannot heal well if his spiritual needs are not met. Sometimes asking a patient if he would like to see a chaplain could be very helpful to a person at any stage of an illness. Florence Nightingale was one of the first nurses to educate her patients on the environment and its effects on the body (Perry, 2009). Our jobs as nurses are to help the patients by providing all these elements as well as environmental safety. We also are required to keep the patient safe from harm. Such as not walking away from a patient after we assist them to the bathroom to prevent falls.

The patient must be seen as an individual and not as a disease or a bed number. A big part of our patients also include the families. Families often are who we are discussing care for the patient...

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