Nursing Paper.

Topics: Lie, Nursing, Deception Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Madison Williams

1. Read page 115 Discriminating between truth and nontruth . After you have read this give an example that you have experienced that fits both truth and nontruth. - An example of a truthful situation would be when I was lost on the way to visit an old friend of mine and I stopped at a business and asked directions, The cashier gave me helpful direction and even showed me on a map which way to go, this truth was from the best of her knowledge of the city I was traveling through. A nontruthful experience of mine was when I had to be at a doctor’s appointment at a certain time. I asked a friend of mine if she could take me and she agreed, well, I was left without a ride to the appointment and had to cancel when I found out that she had already made previously plans and never had the intention of helping me. -

2. Read page 117 White Lies. Have you ever told a white lie? Been told a white lie? Please share at least one example and whether you feel that the white lie was okay.

-I believe everyone has told a white lie sometime in their life and also that everyone is a victim of a white lie. An example of mine would be that for my birthday this past year my sister got me a new shirt, Well, me and my sister do not have the same taste in clothing and when I opened the gift I just had to smile and tell her I loved it and would wear it somewhere that next weekend. To answer the following questions read the Discussion Exercises 7-1 3. Do you believe there are any issues with truth-telling or deception in this case? Explain. * I do believe there is a bit of deception in this patient’s case. The hospital not disclosing this personal information to her is wrong. I believe she has a right to know anything that is known about her condition as soon as it is known to the physicians.

4. What should you do or say if the patient comments, "I am a little worried . I just realized that i missed my period. Do you think it is just because of...
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