Nursing: Medical Superheroes

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Nursing: Medical Superheroes
Since the start of medical history, nurses have been at patients sides and tending to their wounds. Nurses are described as the first line of defense for the patient. Doctors do not spend the time that nurses do at the patient’s side and nurturing them back to health. However, nurses do not get the credit they deserve and are mistreated most of the time. Many push past this mistreatment and continue to tent to the lives of their patients. Nurses tend to the young by being an advocate for their needs, tend to the elderly by helping them cross the bridge to the afterlife and tend to the doctors as help but only get mistreated in return.

Babies are born into the world every second and women and men become fathers too. A new mom and dad’s worst nightmare would be for their precious bundle of joy to become unhealthy. In the book, Tending Lives, Diane C. was a pediatric nurse that made house calls to underprivileged families. Diane had a patient who was born early with a cleft palate and his family situation was completely chaotic. Diane spent the night with her patient with the house invaded with cockroaches. However, Diane stayed with her patient because as a nurse she had to stand up for the baby and speak his needs. Eventually Diane got that baby out and responded, “With kids there was so much hope. They were so resilient” (Heron 143). Children do not understand what is wrong or why their bo bo hurts. Nurses have to speak for the children and understand what is wrong with them. Pediatric nurses must have patients along with love and compassion for kids. The children must be understood and have to be taken care of, just like the elderly.

Being a geriatric nurse takes a certain kind of nurse who understands and cares for the needs of the elderly. These patients have walked a long path and their bodies are worn down. Many do not want to fight any disease or illness. Therefore nurses have to be there for the elderly to make the...
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