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Nursing Matrix

By | March 2011
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History of Community Nursing Matrix

Complete the matrix with the following concepts, and relate the concepts to two different periods of time in history and the present time:

• Describe each period briefly.
• Clarify the differences during each period with public health nursing and community health nursing. • Describe the key health issues.
• Identify community health partnerships used during this period of time. • Describe how Watson’s Theory of Human Transpersonal Caring is related.

| |Historical time period|Nursing role in |Major health issues |Partnerships used |Watson’s theory | | | |community | | | | |Past period 1 |Civil |Nursing during the Civil|Contimanated water, |The Red Cross was the |Watson’s theory of | | |War Period in nursing |War Period had a lot of |measles, pneumonia, |community health partnership|Transpersonal caring | | |was a period when |responsiblites to |and maleria was a |used during the Civil War |relates to the civil | | |women played a major |endure. Some of the |major problem during |Period. |war period because | | |role in nursing and |being cleaning wounds, |the Civil War period.| |the same goal | | |sanatation which made |assisting doctors | | |remained. The goal | | |nursing assesible for |perform minor surgeries,| | |was to treat the | | |entry into the nursing|and sometimes even | | |patients who were in |...

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