Nursing Management: Patient with Ovarian New Growth

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Nursing Management of a Patient with Ovarian New Growth

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Nursing Management of Patient with Ovarian New Growth
S.,M. she is a 49 year old female, and nulligravida, under Dr. Cabanela. S.,M admitted that she smokes and drink liquor. She was diagnose with Ovarian New Growth and had her surgery last March 5, 2013 at Valenzuela Medical Center. She was admitted last March 4, 2013. At first S.,M feels pain on her lower pelvic for two years with on and off fever. She also said that her two sisters had a history of abnormal uterine bleeding. When the patient cannot bear the pain she decided to undergo ultrasound. The patient had a surgery to remove the found cyst on her ovaries, and a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salphingo oophorectomy with frozen section was done. Often patients with ovarian new growth can feel pain and should be assessed for alteration of comfort and her pain level.

Ovarian New Growth has no early symptoms. As Santos (2003) explained that signs can only be felt and seen when the disease is on it’s later stage, when its already sever, when it cannot be cure. The patient may felt constant pain in the pubis area when lying on a bed when go sideward or move. It should not be treated lightly so an operation should be performed immediately to avoid further complications.

Ovarian New Growth happens when there is increase in Gonadotropin , affecting the LH, the ovaries will be hyperstimulated causing a hormonal imbalance. Thus it will cause an abnormal proliferation of follicle, when the follicles fail to ovulate it will continue to grow. Cyst grows in size up to 15 cm in diameter. This result to irregular menstrual periods, abdominal girth, fatigue, sense of heaviness in the pelvis, urinary frequency, constipation and painful defecation. The cyst could rupture and result to infection. Ignatavicius(2006) noted that the risk factors...
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