Nursing Infomatics

Topics: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Health care, Patient Pages: 8 (2720 words) Published: April 30, 2013
As part of the multidisciplinary team tasked with investigating a new computerized management system for the hospital, I have completed some research into the subject. As I looked into the products I asked myself some questions before selecting a product. Namely; how computerized management systems could increase quality of care. Why active nursing involvement in planning, choice, and implementation of the system is important. How handheld devices used by nursing staff can be integrated into the management system for better quality of care. I will discuss the security standards of data and patient confidentiality, including the need for data storage integrity and data backup and recovery and how HIPPA requirements impact the use of the system. How can the new system affect healthcare cost? What benefits these new systems can offer patient care and nursing care delivery. After answering these questions I can make a recommendation on a product that I feel will meet the needs of our hospital. How can using computerized management systems increase the quality of care? Computerized systems organize data into useful information. This information can then be easily compiled to identify opportunities for improvement. Data like HCAHPS and Core Measures mandated by CMS can be easily compiled and reported. That information then becomes available to the public. In the patient care setting as nurses chart they can be given prompts and reminders to complete certain tasks. For example, pain management. When a pain medication is given a reassessment of the patient’s pain is to be conducted within 60 minutes. When the nurse accesses the patient electronic chart they would be reminded to complete the reassessment. Charting can be done at the bedside giving the nurse more time with the patient. There are many resources available to the nurse. Before computer resources at the bed side the nurse had to leave the patient’s room, find a book or other written material, look up an answer, and then return to the patient room. A computerized system allows the nurse to access that information quickly and at the bed side if needed. Computerized charting also aids in clarity of patient care. Documentation is legible and easier to read and more complete. Information like vital signs can be trended, bringing in the big picture of the care that is needed. Medication administration can be done using bar codes. The medication is scanned into the computer. It is then checked against the medication orders. Medications are checked against the 5 rights of medication administration. The patients ID is then scanned and the medications are checked to verify that the right patient is receiving the correct medications. This in itself can prevent many medications errors and adverse reactions. Above all, if properly utilized, computerization will give the nurse more time to actually do patient care which in turn improves the quality of care. Why is it important to involve active nursing in the planning, choice, and implementation of the system? First and foremost, the active nurse in the front line of care. If those that are providing the care don’t like or can’t easily use the system it will less likely used to its full capacity. “The nurse plays a key role in the adoption and use of information technology. Access and use of CISs should be designed to assist the nurse in the delivery of efficient safe care” (Thede, 2010) Nursing should be highly involved in the hands on testing of systems that are being considered for use. As the system is being developed to fit the needs of the hospital, active nurses should be involved at this level as well. Nurses need to know that their interest is taken into account. By nursing having input into the system, implementation will be easier. Those nurses involved with the development and decision making process will have become contagious and other nurses too will want to use the system. How can...
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