Nursing in History, Contemporary and Mystery

Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Nurse Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Nurses in ancient times:
Throughout history nursing has played an essential role in society as a profession that embodies the preservation and restoration of health along with thecare of the terminallly ill. With records from early in the first millenniumA.D., ancient cultures referred to nurses as attendants who prepared and administered medicines, cared for the physical needs of patients,and knowingly followed physician's orders. The influences of an everchanging society have promoted the radical developments in nursing throughout time. First seen as a role suitable only for uneducated women or slaves in ancient times, Christianity along with other religious orders soon helped the nurse gain respect as the role of caregiver to the sick became an increasingly prominent practice. The Christian Church brought the formation of the Order of the Deaconesses in the first century a group similar to public health or visiting nurses. This happened at a time when caringfor the sick was a Christian duty, "a sacred vocation based upon Christ's actual command." The love and brotherhood of Christianity also led to the establishment of the first nursing order by the Augustinian Sisters during the Middle Ages. With the approach of the Protestant Reformation in England, monastic medicine (care given by monasteries and the monks and nuns who live there)and the nursing orders of the sixteenth century were destroyed, leaving hospitals overcrowded with the only care for the sick provided by illiterate, indigent women. While the first nursing order with a systematic educational program was established in the sixteenth century by the Sisters of Charity, continued growth of cities along with the emergence of epidemics led to an increased need for formal training apart from the church to meet the demand for more nurses. To help meet this need, a special nursing school, La Source was founded by Countess Agénor de Gasparin in 1859 near Lausanne in Switzerland. The countess introduced...
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