Nursing Home Carez Advocacy, Inc Marketing Plan

Topics: Nursing home, Home care, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Pages: 22 (8388 words) Published: January 21, 2012
MM522 Marketing Plan
Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc.

Sherry Y Montique
December 11, 2011
Marketing Management

1.0 Executive Summary

Where would you want to live if you needed daily assistance? In your home, of course. Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy aims to be a guiding factor in transitioning you or your loved one into that new home. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have become an indelible part of our health care landscape. These facilities provide 24 hour inpatient nursing and supportive care to residents whose disability or condition necessitate the availability of nursing care on an extended basis. It is estimated that over 40% of Americans will use one of these entities at some point in their lives.

Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc is committed to helping people live better. Simply put our goal is getting the community the help it needs to care for the people they love. The nucleus is to educate the elderly population who are in transition from one phase of their lives to another. Through specialized training and experience, of the two personnel the operation of NHCA is to assist the unwilling aging and disable population with the unwanted transition of being admitted into a nursing home or assisted living community. Because this of life altering process can be deemed traumatic because of the unfamiliarity, many of the residents are confused and unhappy with the impending experience that lies ahead. Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy will be there to walk the resident and families through this process with as less stress as possible as they adjust to their new home with as much pride and knowledge possible.

As the services of NHCA are uncharted there will be critical issues to overcome however; to ensure that the business is successful Nursing Home CareZ will create an aggressive market strategy to include direct marketing, networking, and creating community relationships to continually garner referral sources. Staying on top of the ever changing needs of the aging population and following the Medicare and Medicaid regulations will keep Nursing Home CareZ aligned with the target market.

Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy’s marketing mix will comprise the approaches of pricing, product, promotion and distribution. The 1st years start up cost to include the integrated marketing communication budget is $13,320.00.

Market research showed the need for this service because of the continual growth of the aging population and the inability of family members being able to take care of their loved ones at home. With this reality, long term care facilities will continue to be the place required to provide the care to our seniors and persons with disabilities or short term medical care. The marketing plan will assist NHCA in the following areas to gauge performance:

* Revenue and Expenses monthly
* Customer satisfaction
* Success of community involvement and relationship building

Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy, Inc. will position itself as the premier first line of contact to long term care transition. The positioning will ensure leveraging to gain a competitive edge in the industry with knowledge, integrity and a passion to help others. NHCA, expects to become profitable by the end of the 1st year, and has projection of $240.000 in gross revenue for year two.

2.0 Situation Analysis:

Nursing Home CareZ Advocacy Inc. time line for inception is immediate, with a targeted goal of 6 months to 1 year. Issues facing the successful creation of this company would be the lack of education and knowledge of long term care and regulations, laws, rights and processes of Medicare and Medicaid. The community partners could contribute to the critical issues if social worker and community case managers and such failed to refer potential consumers to the company for services. However, the management skills, experience and vast knowledge base of NHCA, Inc. will provide...
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