Nursing Home and Providence Life Services

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  • Published : August 4, 2012
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Running Head: KOT1 TASK #21

KOT1 Task #22

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospitalizations, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and home health care. The hospital, skilled nursing facility and home health care has to be a Medicare-certified facility and service. Based on Medicare Part A, Mrs. Zwick’s inpatient hospital stay of 5 days would be fully covered, according to Providence Life Services (2012) after the first $1,068. The skilled nursing home will be partially covered, only the first 10 days will be fully covered. Medicare Part B

I would inform the patient and daughter that Medicare Part B is similar to medical coverage from an insurance company. It covers doctor’s services, some home health services, ambulance services and other various services, according to Providence Life Services (2012). Once your annual deductible is met, 80% of these services is covered by Medicare Part B. Medicare Part D

According to Medicare (n.d.), Part D is prescription drug coverage. Depending on where area you live, and what plan you select, will determine how much of your prescriptions are covered. Reimbursement

According to Medicare policies, hospital-acquired infections are not covered, because with evidenced based practices, this infection is preventable and should never have happened to begin with.

KOT1 Task #23
Ethical Implications
According to Medicare (n.d.), the facility cannot impose the cost of the additional days spent at the facility to Mrs. Zwick. The ethical implications are how this hospital-acquired infection may cause her future medical cost and unintended consequences. Mrs. Zwick’s rehabilitation was delayed because of her nosocomial infection. It is uncertain how this affected her overall recovery and future health. Did the delay in rehabilitation limitfull recovery for Mrs. Zwick? It is unknown how...
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