Nursing Foundations in the Healthcare Community

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Reflecting on Nursing Foundations of Community Health
Week 2 Reflection: Nursing Foundations of Community Health Alicia C. Byrd, RN
Walden University
NURS 6150 Section 11, Promoting and Preserving Health in a Diverse Society March 13, 2011

Reflecting on Nursing Foundations of Community Health
Community health nursing can work in the government, private agencies, clinics or other private settings. Nurses in this field focus on populations, working with individuals, groups and families to attempt to improve the healthcare in a community setting. This paper will reflect from two articles assigned in this week’s learning resources by acknowledging two historical nurses that guided the way to promote healthier communities. This paper will also cite the innovative nursing practices that were advocated by the two chosen historical nurses that promoted health and their preventative disease techniques within the community. Finally, this paper will also incorporate my own nursing experience with what I have learned from these two historical nurses and see if what they discovered is applicable or inapplicable in today’s healthcare industry. Two Innovative Practices Advocated by Florence Nightingale and Madeline Leininger

Florence Nightingale has been known to be the founder and creator of nursing. Nightingale’s innovative practice that made an impact on history and changed the outcome of patient care was one her deep concern for holistic care for her patients (Jones, Spinks, Birrell, & Young, 2009). From her experience she learned in Crimea in 1856, she provided her knowledge that she learned about patient ventilation, sanitation, diet, environmental and personal hygiene (Jones, Spinks, Birrell, & Young, 2009). Nightingale also was obsessed about patients having fresh air, bedding, sunlight and the cleanliness of their rooms, while having the staff help patients with their basic hygiene needs to not only promote happier but healthier patients...
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