Nursing Field Argument

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14 September 2012
The purpose of this paper is to inform those who may be unaware of the problem of low nurse to patient ratios and how to correct it. Many patients suffer due to understaffed nurses. Not only does the patient suffer, the nurse does as well. A patient faces a higher chance of having pneumonia and it being unnoticed and untreated, due to the fact that a nurse has so many patients to care for all at once. Quite a few nurses become burnt out due to working an abundant amount of hours at a time, even become dissatisfied with working as a nurse. In order to prevent low patient to nurse ratios there should be maximum of four patients to one nurse. The issue of low nurse to patient ratios needs to be corrected in order to prevent chaos in the nursing field.

Low Nurse to Patient Ratios Correction
A recent issue in the nursing field has become extremely prevalent in the past decade. Low nurse to patient ratios have been linked to putting patients in danger. Not only do the low ratios affect the patient, they have added stress up on the nurse as well. An abundant amount of Nurses become burnt out. Working long hours filled with hard labor have caused nurses to become fatigue and overworked. Nurses no longer want to work in the nursing field any more due to circumstances. This issue needs to be corrected in order to prevent putting patients and nurses as well in danger. Low nurse to patient ratios can be corrected by having a maximum of 4 patients at once. This number of patients is ethical and is not costly. When a nurse has a large amount of patients things that can be easily noticed go unnoticed. If there is a low nurse to patient ratio, a nurse may very well overlook little signs that can lead to a diagnosis. Due to low nurse to patient ratios a patient faces a higher chance of obtaining pneumonia. Once the patient has pneumonia in many cases it goes undetected. As a result of the viral infection not being detected is...
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