Nursing Expertise

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  • Published: December 25, 2012
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School of nursing and midwifery

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Nursing expertise

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In their seek to improve the health care delivery systems many countries are in the tract of developing new roles for the health care professionals, Nursing as a key component of the primary health care is nonetheless involved. (Hinchliff et al 2003 p15, 19) In recent years, new and innovative nursing roles have been introduced across a range of specialism. Such roles have been developed in response to changing health care needs, patient expectations, professional regulation/licensure and government initiatives (Chaney et al 2007)

As it continues to evolve, the development of new roles varies greatly from staff nurse to many of these roles which are new to nursing and require advanced knowledge and expertise. With new roles, a proliferation of titles has emerged (McKenna et al. 2005). These include, clinical nurse specialist (CNS), nurse practitioner (NP), advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) and, more recently, nurse consultant (NC) (Chaney et al 2007).

This assignment is going to discuss about the expertise in nursing it aims to explore the different definitions of Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Clinical nurse Specialists as a mean of nursing expertise and it will attempt to review the characteristics of the nursing expert and tries to describe the nature aspects that distinguish it from a generalist nursing. In this It will review current literature relating to the ANP and tries to discuss the need of nurse experts and What’s the benefit to practice, it will highlight the seek for ANP role in Bahrain strategies and recommendations ,and what are the foundations for future nurse experts in gastroenterology as my area of practice.

Defining Advance nurse practitioner as expert nurses:

“Having, involving, or displaying special skill...
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