Nursing Essay

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Nursing Essay for Masters of Science in Nursing

There are few careers that are as challenging or rewarding as nursing. To be a nurse is phenomenal. A good nurse knows her duties and has the skills to care for her patients. A great nurse believes in being hands on with their patients and never sees themselves above others. Nurse’s work in such a selfless manner and that has showed me where I want to be in this world…helping others as they do, and by being one of them. As a small child, I dreamt of being a nurse. I remember longing to grow up so I could wear the white uniforms and caps that I saw on television. Over the years, my idea of what a nurse is has changed. I began to understand that a nurse was not just a person in a uniform, but an individual that could make a difference in another person’s life. I still marvel at how our clients, who have never laid eyes on us before, open a personal corner of their lives and share with us their deepest fears, as we care for them in the health care setting. We see them at their worst and at their best. Through it all they trust us completely to be caring, confidential, and skilled. We are truly members of a unique profession. Overall, nursing is a way in which I have been able to help others through healing and educating patients and their families. Furthermore, my profession has allowed me to explore different aspects within the nursing field. I have worked in a Cardiac/Vascular ICU and currently a Family Practice clinic. ICU allowed me to learn more specifically about the heart and taking care of patients post-operatively from surgery. ICU was a fast paced unit that taught me to make critical decisions in a seconds notice. While working in ICU, I was exposed to healing hearts, traumatic events, and death and dying. Nursing has challenged me and has continued to be a rewarding experience; mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Currently, I work in a busy Family Practice clinic for a...
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