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Trite though it may seem my decision to enter the medical field and become a nurse is founded on a childhood ambition. The childhood ambition was fortified, when my ailing grandmother moved in with us when I was in my sophomore year in high school. Raised in a traditional Asian household I was brought up to assume the responsibility of caring for my elders when they are ailing, my sisters and I took turns in feeding, bathing, and keeping our grandmother company while our parents are at work. When my grandmother’s health deteriorated and she was confined to the hospital I became exposed to the daily activities in a clinical environment. Being able to closely observe the doctors, nurses and other medical staff cemented my resolve to pursue a career in nursing. I decided to enter the nursing profession in order to help people, like my grandmother, who required the medical care and personal compassion I knew I’m capable of providing.

Before becoming a nurse, I knew I had many roads to travel and many journeys to complete. I began my journey by signing up to the Volunteer Services Department of Bristol Hospital, after my grandmother’s death. As a volunteer I respond to the needs of patients, families, physicians and other medical staff in an effective and efficient manner. Working as a volunteer at Bristol, is a fulfilling and rewarding experience that allowed me to serve my community, meet new people and utilized my talents at the same time.

After graduating from high school I enrolled at the Department of Nursing of Central Connecticut State University. The baccalaureate program prepared me to be a liberally educated person to serve as a professional nurse in various roles and health care environment. My natural proficiency in academics along with my determination helped me to succeed in my educational endeavors, I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2XXX.

Straight out of college graduation with a CT license under my belt, I was hired as Registered Nurse for the...
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