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During my childhood years I can vividly remember the cold, late nights my mother was called upon to help save lives. Without the time to find a baby sitter and due to my father’s occupation as a truck driver, she was forced to take me along with her to work. Although I was told to stay in the nurse’s lounge and watch television – I found the hospital corridors intriguing. I often would sneak out and roam the halls looking for anything that was of interest. It was during one of those nights that I recall encountering people as they rushed through the hospital sliding doors seeking help for their loved ones. I can remember feeling that I could help, but I knew that I was too little; furthermore, I would be in trouble if one of the nurses or staff who worked in surgery with my mother had seen me. I promised myself that I would help people as well one day and that is when I decided that I would pursue nursing as a profession. My first job in a hospital setting was at Central Mississippi Medical Center, formerly named Methodist Medical Center. I demonstrated my commitment in pursuing nursing by accepting a position that required me to work a schedule from 5am-10am. After working my shift, I prepared for classes that were scheduled continuously. Biology was chosen as my major and it was my plan to continue on to the University of Mississippi Medical Center to obtain my nursing license. However, during my junior year a new program was introduced and after learning about the possible opportunities in the health care administrative field, I changed my major. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I sought an advanced degree. During my search, I learned that Mississippi College would be the closest in proximity that offered my program, but to my dismay the Masters in Health Services Management program was not accredited. It was to this end that after college I took...
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