Nursing Essay

Topics: Nursing, Family, Bedsore Pages: 1 (448 words) Published: February 19, 2013
I choose nursing as my career path because I want an honest career where I can help others. My desire to help others in need comes from watching my sickly grandmother health deteriorate before my eyes and not being able to help her. I was one of my grandmothers care takers, for a whole year I watched my grandmother suffer. I watched a scab go to a stage four decubiti’s ulcer, in less than two weeks all because she was not changed positions every two hours and proper cleaning techniques was not used due to lack of education. I would love to help others like my grandmother. My grandmother was the biggest eye opener for me because I lived it. Watching someone you love to be in so much pain and not being to help them because you lack the education is not something I want to experience again. When my grandmother past away she had four stage four decubitus ulcers with contractures in her hands and feet because range of motion was done properly and timely. I know that I would make a great nurse because I am hardworking and dedicated. I am already passionate about this career path. I would love to further my career and obtain my PHD and broaden my horizon. I’m eager to learn to ensure a brighter future for me and my daughter to teach her anything is possible with hard work and dedication. I have been through a lot of obstacles in my life so I know that I will put my all into this program to ensure that my goal is achieved. I am a strong believer in myself I know that I can make it and I will. As a nurse you take on responsibilities of being the patient advocate providing the information that will give them the confidence to self-advocate. A nurse should ensure that the patient wishes are respected and carried out. I would love to focus in geriatric nursing, to help other like my grandmother. Overall, I am mentally prepared to take this next step to have a brighter future. I can’t wait to embark in this new career path and have a promising future. I have been...
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