Nursing Career Project

Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Nursing, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Self Exploration
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is a multiple choice test that determines a person’s personality type. This test can be used to find a career that is suitable for an individual’s personality. My result was ESFJ, which stands for Extraverted Sensing Feeling and Judging. Those type of people fall under the category of the caregiver. The caregiver is a people’s person who cares about other people and are very supportive of others. They get personal satisfaction from other peoples happiness. Often, a caregiver will change their own manner to please the person they are with at the moment. Some positive characteristics include having a special gift to make others feel good about themselves. Its very important to make others feel better when taking care of them. Also, being dependable is a huge role when taking care of someone. The doctors and patients depend on a nurse to be on time and reliable. There are also downsides in nursing. Having to tell someone bad news isn’t easy for anyone and being a nurse there will be times I will have to give bad news. Im a very sensitive person and that may be difficult in the career I chose. The effects of Preference explains that ESFJ’s tend to be faster, get impatient with slow jobs, and dislike complicated procedures. I may have difficulty with the stress learning complicated procedures. The personality quiz described me very clearly. I fully agree with the personality quiz. The caregiver focuses on being a peoples person, and some one who cares about others and their feelings. I’m the type of person who gets close with others. When it comes to being dependable, you can count on me. It mentions in the MBTI that I “should be careful about controlling people in their lives who do not wish to be controlled”. I often tend to try and control people in my own life around me.

Results of Career Search
What interests me about nursing is knowing I can help others. I enjoy making people smile and being able...
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