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  • Published : July 2, 2008
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Being a nurse today can be very rewarding and very challenging. Many people choose to be nurses because the love to help people and it comes natural to them; it seems to be what many do best. Nursing is a diverse and rewarding discipline that combines compassion with sophisticated health technology. “Nurses evaluate, diagnose, and treat health problems. They help people meet basic health needs, adapt to physical changes, recover from illness, and die with dignity. You knew all that. The profession offers a variety of employment and career opportunities. Nurses are employed in clinics, hospitals, schools, corporations, the military, and in private practice. Of course, you probably knew that, too. You may not know that job prospects in nursing are, in a word, awesome." ( Princeton Review Online)

Depending on what kind of nurse you are, you can make various amounts of money. There are several different kinds of nurses, in which you must go to school for a certain time frame for all of them. For starters you have the Certified Nurses Assistant also known as a can. This individual goes threw a few weeks of training and can work for basically any homecare, nursing home, individual or even private companies. Certified Nurses Assistants can also sometimes be known as Homemakers or Home Health Aids. Usually in all cases they are not allowed to administer certain medications. Some people prefer higher educated nurses in there business. Pay rate for this position is different in every state. However in North Dakota it ranks at around $ $7.25 to around $ 10.00. It depends on the company you are working for. Next we move up and talk about a Licensed Vocational Nurse. For this certain degree an individual must obtain at least a two year program at which, one could make from around the pay rates of $ 17.00 to around $20.00. With this job you are more likely to work at a hospital and or in a hospital setting of some sort. Requirements and tasks you can perform become...
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