Nursing Care Study

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Nursing Care Study

In this assignment I will be focusing on one specific health care requirement on a patient from my first placement. These points will be addressed and later referred back to the Nursing process in a holistic view, this can also enable to point out any problems which may occur with the patient and how professionals over come the situation if faced.

Under the NMC code, the right for confidentiality for this assignment to abide with this code, I will be referring my patient as Beatrix. Beatrix is aware that her name and admittance and location of the hospital will not be identified this is will enable her not to be disempowered as a patient. The Nursing and midwifery council’s code of professional conduct (May 2008) State ‘’You must respect people’s right to confidentiality’’ and ‘‘you must ensure that you gain consent before you begin any treatment or care’’. I have abided with this code as I carried out a legal and professional instruction and gained verbal consent from my patient to base my assignment of care planning on her health requirements. I have fully explained the usage concept of which I will be addressing her nursing need and explained for confidential reason’s I will be changing her name, so her identity cannot be disclosed and this also implements empowerment to the patient. The law that is placed in order for professionals not to disclose private or sensitive information or is only obliged if the patients is at harm to them selves or others. Data Protection Act (1998) is put in place in order to security protect any medical records or any information that is private or sensitive to be disclosed of the patients.

Beatrix is a 68-year-old female, who currently lives alone as she had lost her husband in September 2010; she has a one daughter Hazel 34 and a son Jamie 30. Jamie lives in American so is unable to see Beatrix regularly, however Hazel does help Beatrix out when she can. December that year Beatrix was diagnosed with depression this lead her to not wanting to leave the house under any circumstances. Her daughter Hazel did try to help her get out of the house but Beatrix is very reluctant to move from her chair. In February 2010 Beatrix had a fall at home, in the kitchen trying to make a cup of tea. Once at hospital x-rays showed that she had broken her left neck of femur, this reduced her mobility therefore was admitted to a G.P ward for recovery. As Beatrix’s mobility is reduced her G.P believe it’s best if she stay on bed rest for the next couple of weeks.

Once the x-rays were complete, in result from Beatrix’s fall it concluded that she had fractured her left neck of femur, this is a fracture which occurs just below the ‘ball and socket’ joint in the hip, and the ball is disconnected from the remaining thigh bone, this can also be known as a ‘femoral neck fracture’. (REFERENCE FROM A AND P BOOK) Treatment from this consist of Beatrix undergoing a hip pinning procedure, this consist of several screws across the fractured area. This is commonly associated with fractures of femoral neck fractures as it has a minimum chance of being displaced. But however if this treatment is not appropriate, partial hip replacement may be necessary. Once admitted in hospital admission assessments were carried out, this showed that Beatrix currently has a grade 2 Pressure Ulcer kozier (2008) located on her sacrum, which she was unaware of. The medication that she is currently on is Paracetamol 1G British National Formula (September 2009:234) states ‘’Paracetamol is a mild to moderate pain, pyrexia’’. This was not effective on the pain management of Beatrix, the G.P was called in to the ward to review the medication that Beatrix is currently on, to either up her dose or to change the medication. Resulting from this her personal G.P believed co –codamol 8/500 ‘’codeine phosphate 8mg and Paracetamol 500mg’’ British National Formula (September 2009: 235) may suit her pain requirement more...
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