Nursing Care Plan Septic Shock

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  • Published: May 16, 2013
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|ASSESSMENT |DIAGNOSIS |PLANNING |INTERVENTION |RATIONALE |EVALUATION | |Subjective: |Ineffective airway clearance |After 8 hours of therapeutic |Independent: | |After 8 hours of therapeutic | | |r/t retained thick mucous |nursing care, patient’s |Assess airway patency. |Maintaining the airway is always |nursing care, patient’s | |“Ngayon nag bebed bath kami sa |secretions |secretions will be mobilized | |the first priority. |secretions was mobilized and | |kanya at tiniturn naming siya | |and airway will be free from |Auscultate lungs for presence of |These may indicate mucous plug or |airway is free from excessive | |minsan nag susuction din kasi | |excessive secretions, as |adventitious sounds (wheezing, |other major airway obstruction and |secretions, as evidenced by | |may plema.” As verbalized by the| |evidenced by clear lung |coarse crackles). |secretions along larger airways. |clear lung sounds, eupnea, and | |relative of the patient. | |sounds, eupnea, and ability to| |Abnormality indicates respiratory |ability to cough up secretions. | | | |cough up secretions. |Assess respirations; note |compromise. | | |Objective: | | |quality, rhythm, depth, flaring | |...
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