Nursing Care: Abortion

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Birth control Pages: 4 (1168 words) Published: February 18, 2011

according to the most recent information gathered by the CDC, there were 10,673 abortions performed in the state of Nevada in 2006. However, roughly 2,600 of those abortions were performed in Reno’s only abortion clinic, west end women’s medical group. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is a very personal and unique experience for each woman. When a woman does decide she wants an abortion, nurses/caregivers play a vital role in the abortion process. It is essential that abortion clinic nurses/caregivers possess specific characteristics and attitudes, such as: 1) a nonjudgmental attitude towards sexuality and induced abortion; 2) empathy in her relationship with clients; 3) personal warmth and ability to help client overcome fear; 4) assessment of possible interpersonal relational problems of client; 6) ability to relate to and understand different ethnic groups; 7) be informed on contraceptive methods and agents; and 8) clinical competence in technical procedures and postoperative care.

What’s fascinating about the abortion process in Reno, is that at west end women’s medical group, it’s not nurses that provide care and support for women. Instead, Dr. Stutes leads a team specialized in providing unequaled patient comfort, care and safety. Aside from the doctor, the only other technically trained team member is an ultrasound technician. All other members of the team have been specially trained by Dr. Stutes himself, on how he wants specified tasks performed. The initial contact is very important to the client because first impressions of the clinic can be significant in the further course of the entire treatment.

The decision process

When a potential client comes to west end women’s medical group, her first encounter, aside from the receptionist, will be with Joan. Her official title is Office Manager, but once a woman schedules an appointment for an induced abortion, Joan becomes the “life line and information guru” for that woman....
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