Nursing and Student

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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Scenario portfolio and evaluation, the latest mode of learning where the student will be gathering artefacts which might contain web links, articles, images, statistics, polies connected to the case scenario from the course. As a part of an assessment, the student has also gathered some artefacts and learned through journal article and web links. Among those artefacts, the student will be discussing about two artefacts, one is taken from web link then another one is from journal article. The artefacts had all information, up-to-date, understandable and well organised that the student needed. The artefacts are relevant to the course content. Web links and journal articles are among the best available information, and all sites are listed clearly and concisely to facilitate their use. The pages are highly visually appealing. The artefacts are engaging, meaningful, worthy problems or tasks that match the content and outcomes of the course requirements. The all information is real-life applicability for the student’s future career as the student is planning to specialise in midwifery. Firstly, the web link artefact talks about ‘Adolescent Pregnancy’. The artefact helps the student to relate with the ‘Aisha’ the adolescent pregnant girl from the case scenario from the course. The artefact provides important information regarding adolescent pregnant which helps the student to perform her best if same kind of scenario arises during her future nursing profession. Secondly, the journal article ‘Adolescent Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad and The Promise’ is discussing about the confidence in one part of the article. Self-determination: the capacity towards believing for oneself and to acquire achievement, affirming that anyone must be able to express opinions clearly and confidently (Katz, 2011). Good communication skills are essential for nurses, and are important in nearly all aspects of health profession. The student sense that the student will be more confident in...
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