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The aims of the assignment is to examine how the reflective account or our experience of facilitating learning opportunities assessing and teaching a student will help the future development with in the mentor or practice teacher role. In order to achieve this teaching session, educational theories. The formulation of a lesson plan wills be included focusing on my objectives rational for my action.

In assessment session a brief Introduction will be given on relevant theories, concepts and principles of assessment in practice with further discussion of the assessment process. Assessing a student in clinical area will take place.

Effectiveness of my mentoring will be critically analysed and skills in teaching and assessing will be reflected up on evaluation of developing my mentorship role will be discussed, highlighting any changes that can be made to my practice to improve mentorship.

It has now mandatory requirement that qualified nurses and midwives becomes mentors affect one year of registration and practice (N.M.C 2008).

Mentors play a vital role in supporting, teaching and assessing students in practice Quinn (2007) define a mentor as someone who experienced, and many cases more senior than the learner, and who provide support, encouragement, and guidance.


An N.M.C. 2008 mentor is registrant who following successful completion of an N.M.C approved mentor preparation programme. According to N.M.C mentor should exclusive the knowledge, skills and competence are required to meet the defined outcome. Mentors are responsible and accountable for organizing and co-ordinating students learning activities in practice (N.M.C 2008). Mentor need to supervising students in learning situations and providing them with constructive feed back on their achievements. Mentor should assess the total performance including skills, attitudes and behaviours. The fitness for practice and purpose report of the U.K.C.C. post Commission Development Group 2001 looked at the competencies of newly qualified Nurses. They concluded that the mentor was to be responsible to contribute constructively to the learning environment for the evidence progress of student, be approachable and supportive to gain confidence of the students have knowledge of assessment tools to assess the competence in order to ensure patient safety, be competent to share knowledge of patient care, make time for interviews to discuss the specific requirements of the student. Provide time for reflection and encourage enquiry based learning.

As per N.M.C 2008 there is a developmental frame work to support learning and assessment in practice. There are 8 dominants in the frame work. It includes:

1Establishing effective working relationship
2Facilitation of learning
3Assessment and accountability
4Evaluation of learning
5Creating an environment for teaching
6Evidence based practice

As per N.M.C standard Student need to spend minimum 40% of the time with their mentor. As a role as mentor, their knowledge, skills and competency need to update ongoing basis.

Each mentors as reviewed every 3 years to ensure that only those who continue to meet the mental requirements. Remain on the local register mentor at least two student with due regard with in 3 years period participate annual updating.

Duffy states that N.M.C. Standard for the preparation of mentors provides a tool for preparation but it is the mentor knowledge, skills, ineffectively carrying out their role that protect the public by ensuring that students who are lacking incompetence do not progress to become registered nurse or midwives. The reality of being a mentor is that as per R.C.N tool kit for Nurses 2007 all mentors supporting students, gain registration, have responsibility to ensure that they are fit.

Mentor should be prepared to assess student...
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