Nursing and Psychiatric/mental Health

Topics: Nursing, Psychiatry, Psychiatric and mental health nursing Pages: 18 (6422 words) Published: September 13, 2010
| Home | Editors | Current Issue | Archives | Instructions for Authors | Disclaimer | Share with others |   What Makes a Quality Therapeutic Relationship in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: A Review of the Research Literature Read printer friendly  Subscribe in a reader Share with others Related Articles * A Phenomenographic Approach To Examine The Different Ways HIV Patients Understand The Experience Of Counselling * A Brief Report on the Characteristics of Young Male Adults Experiencing their First Episodes of Psychosis: Implications for Developing Specialized First Episode Programs * The Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Brunei Preservice Student Teachers * How Can I Help? Responding Effectively To The Mental Health Care Needs Of Individuals With Intellectual Disability * Giant Gastric Trichobezoar In A Female TeenagerFiona Dziopa BPsyc, BN (Hons), RN School of Nursing & Midwifery

The University of Queensland

Kathy Ahern Ph.D., RN
School of Nursing & Midwifery
The University of Queensland

Citation: F. Dziopa & K. Ahern : What Makes a Quality Therapeutic Relationship in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: A Review of the Research Literature . The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice. 2009 Volume 10 Number 1Keywords: Nurse-Patient Relationship | Psychiatric Nursing | Mental Health | Review Literature Table of Contents * Introduction/ Background * Literature Review * Understanding and Empathy * Individuality * Providing Support * Being There/ Being Available * Being ‘Genuine’ * Promoting Equality * Demonstrating Respect * Demonstrating clear boundaries * Demonstrating Self Awareness * Conclusion And Recommendations * Corresponding author AbstractAlthough a therapeutic relationship is essential to psychiatric/mental health nursing practice, its use is problematic because the nursing attributes contributing to a therapeutic relationship are elusive. A review of the literature in the field of psychiatric/mental health nursing was conducted to conceptualize constructs contributing to the development of a therapeutic relationship in advanced practice psychiatric/mental health nursing. A typology of nine general attributes were identified which have practical implications for psychiatric/mental health nursing education and practice. Recommendations include the application of a typology of constructs upon which psychiatric/mental health nurse curricula, in-service education, and reflective practice can be based. Introduction/ BackgroundThe establishment of a quality nurse-patient relationship is considered important in most nursing situations (1). However, in psychiatric/mental health nursing, the interpersonal interaction is the core of practice (2,3) making the therapeutic relationship a fundamental element of mental health care (4). Indeed, the therapeutic relationship employed in mental health care has been associated with therapeutic outcomes across a range of clinical settings and patient populations (5).Ironically, despite the therapeutic relationship being vital to treatment outcomes, the formation of a quality therapeutic relationship between the psychiatric/mental health nurse and patient is not an instinctive occurrence and requires great skill to be established (6). Berg and Hallberg (7) found that caring for people with mental illness ‘demands an intensified presence, not allowing one to glide away, close the door or just disappear’ (p. 329). The daily work demand requires psychiatric/mental health nurses have the capacity to handle continually new and unpredictable experiences (7). This endeavour is made more difficult because in some situations psychiatric/mental health nurses are faced with the paradox of providing therapeutic care in conjunction with involuntary treatment (8) and detainment (9). In short, psychiatric/mental health nurses require specialized skills in order to develop and maintain...
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