Nursing and Professional Nurse

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  • Published : March 16, 2007
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nursing education is more than just memorizing facts to get an "A" on a test or reproducing a skill to demonstrate it to absolute perfection. Becoming a nurse requires learning the underlying principles, analyzing them, and then, applying the principles to many different clients with similar problems, but very individual needs. Student nurses must use their minds and their hearts, as well as their hands and their senses to be successful professional nurses in today's challenging health care world. Being a student nurse requires hard work, persistence and many sacrifices. So as you face the challenges of each new nursing semester head-on, remember to keep your life in perspective. I can vividly recall my own "Fundamentals of Nursing" instructor always chanting when the going got rough, "This too shall pass!" These few words gave us a glimmer of hope that an end was in sight! This little phrase also helped us to realize that many student nurses had struggled before us, and many student nurses had indeed succeeded. With these simple thoughts in mind, work hard and always keep your dream in sight! Meridian Nursing Philosophy

In concert with the mission, vision, and values of Meridian Health, the professional nursing staff at Meridian, together with the medical staff and other members of the Meridian family, provides patient-centered care based on each individual's need. This approach embraces a continuum of services that encompasses every level of care in a diversified system throughout the lifespan, regardless of the patient's health, status, race, gender, age, ethics, religion, or sexual preference. We believe each nurse has the responsibility to deliver high quality competent, effective, and collaborative care based on established nursing standards. We recognize the responsibility, authority, and accountability of the professional nurse for the clinical management of nursing practice. Each member of our nursing staff possesses a value system incorporating the...
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