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Nursing Process: Organization
What happens when a nurse is not organized?
When you’re in a clinical setting as a nurse, you need to be organized. One day I went into the client’s room and got her up to get ready for breakfast. I took the client into the bathroom to get washed up and to do oral care. This particular client has a colostomy pouch that fits over a stoma. I had seen how to clean the colostomy pouch the day before, so I didn’t think that it was going to be a big deal to do myself. I got her all washed then it came time to clean the colostomy pouch. I took off the pouch and realized that I had not gotten everything that I was going to need. I reach into a drawer and pulled out a towel and placed it beneath the stoma, so that it would catch any feces coming out. I then was able to clean around the stoma with a warm wash clothe. The client sat there patiently waiting for me to finish. I then took the pouch down the hall to the cleaning room and got the pouch nice and clean. When I got back to the client’s room, her room mate asked me how much longer we were going to be in the bathroom. I told her that we should be just a couple more minutes. I proceeded into the bathroom to put the colostomy pouch back on and get the client dressed, but did not have all of her clothing in there with us. We finally finished and the client went down for breakfast.

The biggest lesson that I learned form this experience was that I really need to be more organized for anything, when meeting and doing the a.m. care on a client for the first time. I also learned that by not being organized, I wasted so much more valuable time.

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