Nursing 405 Week 7 Paper

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* Review current legislation with implications for community and public health nursing. Conduct phone calls, interviews, and Internet research to evaluate the how the bills will affect health care. Determine how the bills would affect the following: * Any community partnerships, coalitions, or planning groups * The health needs of vulnerable populations within the community Many elderly and disable patients have difficulty with the cost of their medications as well as managing their finances. * The health needs of your participating family

* The RN’s ability to provide care
Compile your Nursing and Health Care Legislation Review data in a table, spreadsheet, or other appropriate format. Complete your Clinical Log:
* Specify how you compiled the data.
* Specify how you allocated your time.
* Log a minimum of 5 hours to the Nursing and Health Care Legislation Review. Community Partnerships:Hope In-Home CareSentara Home CareSentara Outpatient Pharmacy| Governmental negotiation with pharmaceutical manufactures would be very beneficial for Medicare recipients. The community partners all agree that too many Medicare recipients have difficulty with the cost of medications, even with Medicare advantage plans. Patients that can afford their medications are more compliant, will likely have decreased complications and healthier outcomes than those that cannot afford their medications. This means better outcomes for the community partners.| Health Needs of Vulnerable Populations| Most Medicare recipients fall within the vulnerable population, due to age, disability or both. Most live on limited resources and struggle with managing their financial needs. When a person is unable to meet their daily living expenses, such as paying for rent, utilities, and food, healthcare needs usually become low on the priority list. Making medications more affordable should be a priority to assist the patient with obtaining their...
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