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English 101
Miss .Cross

Nurse vs. Paramedic

There are two main cogs in which inhabit the medical field. Without both paramedics and nurses, the medical field would probably crumble because of the stress the doctors would have to handle from the pure mass of patients that are seen on a daily basis. Both nurses and paramedics play huge roles in patient care that starts from receiving the patient at their home and doesn’t end until after the patient is discharged from the hospital. What many people outside of the medical field don’t know is that both positions in the medical field are alike but at the same time extremely different in the way they both operate.

Nurses and paramedics have similar goals for patient care. The main goal is to help and take care of the patient. Over all else, it is the patient in which they are concerned about. No matter what is required, both paramedics and nurses will do what needs to be done to help the patient feel that they will be cared for. The main reason for most in becoming either a nurse or a paramedic is to help another living being in their time of need. It truly takes a caring attitude and a love for life to do what they do. If you don’t have that attitude, then you are in the wrong business. Both work under what is called medical direction. Medical direction is mainly stated as working under a doctor and their medical license. Without a medical director, both nurses and paramedics would not be able to perform their perspective duties in which these jobs entail. It is under a medical doctors license that the licenses of nurses and paramedics become valid. To be able to perform the duties as clinical practitioners, a physician will have you satisfactorily execute your knowledge and skills in front of them. At that point in time, the physician will allow you to work under their license and bring about...
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