Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (598 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Health care practitioners: Perceptions of practitioners, folk practitioners, gender and health care status

Health care practitioner concepts include the status, use,
and perceptions of traditional, magicoreligious, and allopathic biomedical health care providers. In addition, the gender
of the health care provider may have significance.

Overview/heritage: Origins, residence, topography, economics, politics, education, occupation

Overview/heritage includes concepts related to the country
of origin, current residence, the effects of the topography
of the country of origin and current residence, economics,
politics, reasons for emigration, educational status, and

Communication: Dominant language, dialects, contextual use, volume/tone, eye contact, facial expression, greetings

Communication includes concepts related to the dominant
language and dialects; contextual use of the language; paralanguage variations such as voice volume, tone, and intonations;
and the willingness to share thoughts and feelings.
Nonverbal communications such as the use of eye contact,
facial expressions, touch, body language, spatial distancing practices, and acceptable greetings; temporality in terms of past, present, or future worldview orientation; clock versus social time; and the use of names are important concepts.

Family roles & organization: head of household, gender roles, goals & priorities, developmental tasks, roles of aged,

extended family, social status, alternative lifestyles

Family roles and organization includes concepts related to
the head of the household and gender roles; family roles, priorities, and developmental tasks of children and adolescents;
child-rearing practices; and roles of the aged and extended
family members. Social status and views toward alternative
lifestyles such as single parenting, sexual orientation, childless marriages, and divorce are also included in this domain....
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