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Assessment for Quality Improvement

Quality improvement should be a major focus in any organization and requires four basic steps: “…specify the requirements, design the product, create the product, and examine the product.” (Burrill and Ledolter, 1999, p. 142). Each process must be completed in order as each is important. Once requirements and specifications have been determined, resources and standards can be evaluated to create and test the product. The means of creation will be different in various organizations but the process remains the same. During every part of each process, flow charts can be analyzed to make proper decisions; strategic plans must be considered; impact on all stakeholders must be evaluated; and appropriate quality management tools must be determined. Each member of the team involved in writing this paper completed a simulation exercise on “Quality Management and Productivity” to determine the ability to analyze data. Information on the above considerations, perceptions of the simulation and suitable quality management tools to improve processes in a health facility are furnished in this paper.

Description of the Create Process

“Create is the process of actually producing the required product. Whether the product is a house, a gourmet meal, a term paper, or a clean office, this stage involves the creation of a product according to the product requirements.” (Burrill and Ledolter, 1999, p. 148). The creator is simply creating something different, depending on what process is to be accomplished. Creation occurs in manufacturing of goods, delivery of services, and customer care. “Although the general process is the same, the actual work done in the create stage varies, and the skills required depend on the product involved.” (Burrill and Ledolter, 1999, p.149).

A high-quality “create” process includes several details: quality culture, finances, timing, employee empowerment, an inclusive strategic plan, a goal, organization, constant communication in every direction, and a willingness to reengineer. To create something different and special might be more time-consuming in the beginning, but everything worth doing is worth doing well. Over time, the expenses and lost time will prove to be beneficial to any organization willing to consider the many implications this process covers.

Analysis of “As-Is” Flow Chart

According to the Continuous Quality Improvement Server (1995), a flow chart is “…defined as a pictorial representation describing a process being studied or even used to plan stages of a project. Flow charts tend to provide people with a common language or reference point when dealing with a project or process.” The issue this team is analyzing with a flow chart is the registration process used for entering information for patients of a healthcare facility. Below is the flow chart of the current process and how the new system is affecting both internal and external customers.

Process Relationship to Organization’s Strategic Plan

Businesses today “…must engage in strategic planning that clearly defines objectives and assesses both the internal and external situation to formulate strategy, implement the strategy, evaluate the progress, and make adjustments as necessary.”(Quick MBA, 2007). Cost, time, and quality must take precedence in making choices for the organization. The service industry must focus on these items, rather than the traditional process. The mission and objective of a hospital is certainly to improve the health of the patients, but the hospital needs to consider the implications of the specific actions of the caregivers during that process. The creation of the product (healthcare) must be evaluated based on suppliers, consumers, competitors, and employees. A competitive advantage for a healthcare facility will not only come from the healing rates of the patients, but from the overall satisfaction during the time of healing. Implementation of a quality...
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