Nurses Role in Substance Abuse

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Nurses Role in Substance Abuse

Nurses Role in Substance Abuse

The purpose of this Power Point is to bring awareness, education, and recognition to this growing disease called SUBSTANCE ABUSE: the associated risk factors that accompany substance use and addiction that challenges the nursing role of today. Substance abuse remains a major health concern affecting not only the patient but also families and their communities. As nurses we play a vital role in assessing, evaluating, treating and providing health care to patients facing this disease/addiction. Healthy People 2020 include a small set of high-priority health issues that represent significant threats to the public’s health. Substance Abuse being listed as one and unfortunately one that every nurse will encounter in their nursing career, our group felt it would be a great subject to place focus to.

Addiction is similar to other diseases, such as heart disease. Both disrupt the normal, healthy functioning of the underlying organ, have serious harmful consequences, are preventable, treatable, and if left untreated, can last a lifetime.

Nurses Role in Substance Abuse

Substance abuse prevention training and education is a crucial method of helping to stop substance use and addiction before it starts. In an effort to assure good patient care and safety it is important that we provide all nurses and student nurses with the skills and training to make wise decisions and to identify and intervene when they see patients who may be having issues with substance use and abuse. Keen assessment skills, decision making skills, and compassion are the prerequisites for comprehensive nursing care of the psychological and physiological needs of these patients. The nurse should take charge and inform the effects of drugs and the appropriate strategies for treatment. Early preventive measures will be crucial to the communities, educate at earlier ages, and provide...
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