Nurses and Aarp

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Nurses and AARP

AARP Key Nursing Roles
“The American Association for Retired Persons changed (AARP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to it members over the age of 50 interest” (AARP, 2012). “The AARP provides products and services for members including educational programs and discounts for third-party companies which is the most widely used benefit by members” (AARP, 2012). With the expected rise in the population of people over fifty, AARP is focusing on the importance of nurses in healthcare. Nurses have been very instrumental in filling in the gaps of providing care for seniors. “AARP also provided supplemental insurance to help members with prescriptions and home care needs” (AARP, 2012). These services allow member access to visiting nurses to their home for a period of time to help maintain quality of care of the aging population. Supplemental Insurance offered to members for discounts on prescriptions and medical necessities to aid in the ability to provide affordable care for the aging population. Recently, AARP in partnership with “The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Center to Champion Nursing in America” appointed the five states to lead implementation of eight recommendations that address a range of system changes for long term sustainable actions for nurses to improve heath and optimize the contribution of nursing to health of the nation’s population (Davis Enterprises, 2012). This movement is a result of Future of Nursing report the “Institute of Medicine released in October, 2010” and the importance of nurses in key areas of nursing (Davis Enterprises, 2012). The function of the organization is to lead positive social change and deliver value to members with information, service and advocacy which include lobbying on behalf of seniors for services, educational programs and is a strong political voice for elderly citizens, nurses are working together with AARP in key roles to help and advocate for the aging population (Davis Enterprises, 2012). Nurse Health Line Role

AARP provides members with AARP Health Care Options, the health insurance and services program for members provides three key areas of nursing to its members. One key role that nurses offer adults over 50 is working with AARP Health Line. The AARP Nurse Health Line is a service that provides a valuable resource to respond to the health needs of older Americans with individualized information and support to help them make educated decisions about health concerns. The AARP Health Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to a registered nurse for medical guidance about symptoms, illnesses and counsel based on more than 700 physician reviewed guidelines (Davis Enterprises, 2012). The health line nurse role is designed to complement the care that people receive from their doctors by providing assistance in answering questions a person may have after a doctor’s visits, before a doctor visit or about a diagnosis, test, medication or treatments. Nurses provide preventative health care information to help avoid future medical problems and offer advice on developing health living habits (AARP, 2012). The AARP Nurse Health Line has narrowed the language barrier by providing access to Spanish speaking nurses and an audiotape health library with over health topics in Spanish. The role of the Health Line Nurse is essential in providing much need care for the aging population to help individuals make educated decisions concerning their health and providing valuable information in the prevention and/ or maintaining health care needs and concerns of an aging population (AARP, 2012). The Health Line is a useful tool for all members of the family, and will save members the cost of a doctor’s visit by having a skilled nurse answer question for them and help them make an educated decision about their health care needs and whether the concern warrants a visit to a...
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