Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Health care Pages: 3 (604 words) Published: March 23, 2013
(1) According to the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association (2010):
‘The term cultural competency refers to a
long-term, developmental process that moves
beyond cultural awareness (the knowledge about
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
primarily gained through media resources and
workshops) and cultural sensitivity (knowledge
as well as some level of direct experience with
Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander people).
Cultural competency emphasizes the idea of
effectively operating in different cultural contexts:
knowledge, sensitivity, and awareness programs
do not include this concept. Cultural competence
aims to reduce barriers to high quality care
experienced by Indigenous people and is
directly linked to improving social and emotional
wellbeing and mental health outcomes.’

Cultural Competence
What is cultural competence?
Cultural competence is the ability to interact effectively with people across different cultures. It has four components: * Awareness of one's own cultural worldview (assumptions, biases) * A positive attitude towards cultural differences

* Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews * Cross-cultural communication skills
What is cultural competence in health care?
Culturally competent health care providers provide the best possible care for all their clients and work in the most productive way with all their colleagues. Everyone has a culture
Cultural competence begins with the recognition that we are all born, raised and living in social, educational and organisational cultures. These cultures shape our assumptions, beliefs, values and behaviours. When we interact with others, the similarities and differences between our cultural expectations often make the interaction both more interesting, and more challenging. In a health setting, these challenges must be met if we are to provide equitable, appropriate and accessible services to all our clients. Competent...
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