Nurses' Opinions of Medication Error and Their Contributing Factors

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  • Published: February 24, 2013
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Patient safety has long been a major concern for healthcare professionals and its significance has been expanded with the increasing need for hospital accreditation. Therefore, the researcher will do additional study to find out nurses’ opinion of medication error and their contributing factors on the (wards at hospital). A cross-sectional study will be utilized and a sample of twenty (20) nurses, ten (10) from each ward will be chosen. A convenience sampling method will be used and data will be collected with the use of questionnaires and interviews. In this study, the perspectives of the experienced nurses concerning medication errors will be investigated. Information gathered will be kept confidential by putting password on the computer and storing all collected data in a locked draw. Data will further be analyzed. In addition, ethical considerations will be highlighted. At the end, it is expected that information gathered will be used to find out nurses’ opinion of medication error and their contributing factors. Keywords: medication errors, nurses’ opinion, contributing factors
Literature Review
Action to improve patient safety in health care systems and, in particular, to reduce the frequency of serious medication errors, is a major priority in some member states. Errors may involve prescribing, dispensing or administration of medicines, or failure to give proper advice, for example, about side effects or cautions. They occur in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings, and often occur at the interface between hospital and primary care. Currently, the health services, especially nursing services, are striving to achieve ever-higher levels of service excellence, aiming to provide care that is free of risk and harm to patients. Adverse events have been considered important indicators of quality of health service and care delivery. Although these are undesirable events, they are commonly observed in care practice and those...
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