Nurse Satisfaction with Nursing Leadership

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Individual Library Search: Pediatric Registered Nurse Satisfaction with Nurse Leadership Calandra Wesley
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December 12, 2010
Kristen Crusoe

Individual Library Search: Pediatric Registered Nurse Satisfaction with Nurse Leadership Azaare, J., & Gross, J. (2011). The nature of leadership style in nursing management. British Journal of Nursing (BJN), 20(11), 672-680.

The leadership style of front-line managers is associated with retention and staff nurse job satisfaction. This article provides answers to the following themes: the nature of leadership styles of nurse managers, staff nurse perception of leadership styles used by nurse managers, and the style of leadership used by nurse managers as deemed appropriate for quality and effective care. A qualitative, explorative, and descriptive design is utilized to identify and categorize themes and key issues. This study was conducted in nursing units of two hospitals in Ghana. Questionnaires, face-to-face interviews, and field notes were conducted to enhance the validity of data and to capture significant statements to complete the analysis. Findings of this study suggest that employee dissatisfaction and less motivation may discourage young nurses who may want to minimize psychological stress or salvage their future. The sample participants of this study preferred more proactive, articulate, and independent leaders who will fight the interest of nursing. Tummers, G., Landeweerd, J., & van Merode, G. (2002). Organization, work and work reactions: a study of the relationship between organizational aspects of nursing and nurses' work characteristics and work reactions. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 16(1), 52- 58.

Job dissatisfaction and turnover are recurring themes in nursing. Characteristics of the work environment greatly influence a nurse’s outlook on job satisfaction. This article addresses the relationships of organizational aspects, work...
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